Project Description
The rapid development of digital currency market based on blockchain technology reflects investors' interests on the innovation of future financial technology. In 2017, Bitcoins rose 20 times, while Ripple rose more than 350 times. The number of bitcoin trading account has tripled to 13.1 million in 1 year. The total market capitalization of all the cryptocurrency has increased to $700 billion from $40 billion in 2017, while there is nothing 10 years ago. However, digital cryptographic currency, as a category of financial assets, is still in the early stages of development. Once it is combined with real economy by financial tools, the future prospects is immeasurable.

We provide services of digital asset including

Our final goal is to become a comprehensive financial service provider on digital assets of banks, investment banks, mutual funds, property insurance, and many other business.
  • Consulting Service

  • Product Design

  • Security Issuance

  • Asset Management

  • Market Value Management

Attractive Points of our Project
  • A . Market Space
    Blockchain is recognized as a technology of the next generation of the Internet. Digital asset is a pearl in the blockchain industry, which is growing at a rate of several hundred times for one year. The next generation of Internet giants, like Google, Facebook and Apple, will also enter the digital asset industry. However, the professional investment field of the whole digital asset industry is almost blank, and we strive to create the world's leading smart investment platform on digital asset in the near two years.
  • B . Technical Advantages
    AiFChain’s technology and business models are world leading, because it uses intelligent crawler, knowledge map, machine learning technology to greatly improve the ability of data analysis, and uses NLP/DL/RL prediction algorithms to improve the quantitative investment function of digital assets. These solutions creatively solve the problem of limited space of blockchain storage, and difficulty on dealing with mass data and high-speed intelligent analysis. Thus it can realize sharing and collaboration among the blockchain system, big data analysis system, and smart investment system.
  • C . Team Advantages
    Our team contains experienced top experts in all fields of blockchain, artificial intelligence, big data, financial investment, and so on. Their work experience and technical expertise complement each other effectively, and they have hold underlying core technologies of distributed systems, cryptography and AI algorithms, and have many international patents.
  • D . Resource Advantage
    Our team members are from three fields of politics, business and academia, and have rich government and enterprise resources between China and Japan, which is benefit to apply various digital asset finance licenses in the future. Most of them are from the best universities in Japan, like Tokyo University and Waseda University, and have rich alumni resources. Meanwhile, the team includes one Japanese think-tank consultant, two senior members of IEEE and Information Processing Society of Japan, and two council Members of China-Japan Youth Promotion Association, and chief executive president of Blockchain Research Council in Tokyo, Japan.
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Core Team Members

  • Eiji Fukuzawa CEO

    Expert in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

    Ph.D and visiting researcher of Waseda university. Council Member of China-Japan Youth Promotion Association and the president of Artificial Intelligence Association. He is proficient in big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence algorithms; good at building artificial intelligence and quantitative strategies with scientific data analysis and deep learning. He has worked in some large-scale listed company in Japan, and has experience for nearly 10 years in the development of new technology and transformation of the scientific achievements related to artificial intelligence; He held the qualification of system analyst, published more than 40 academic papers, and owned 5 Japanese patents.

    Davis Z. COO

    Finance Expert in Blockchain

    Blockchain geek, serial entrepreneurs, and chief executive president of Blockchain Research Council in Tokyo, Japan. He is good at leading the team to develop financial data analysis and intelligent investment system. He has created an artificial intelligence quantitative trading platform, and gained support by the Singapore government fund. He is the co-founder and deputy general manager of Japan XCurrency company, whose application has 28 million users and is number one among the exchange rate applications in China and Taiwan. He has applied for one Japanese patent about blockchain.

    Michael L. CTO

    Expert in Blockchain and Finance

    Master of computer science, proficient in block chain technology, full stack engineer. With several years of experience in financial technology research and development, his main interest lies in the R&D and design of the block chain financial system. He has participated in R&D work on big data module of Tencent payment system. He has worked in Ant Financial Services Group, subsidiary of Alibaba Group, and was responsible for the R&D work of payment accounting and financial data processing.

    Jin Hanada

    Expert in Quantitative Trading of Artificial Intelligence

    Ph.D of mathematics and science in Tokyo university, Japan, expert in quantitative trading of artificial intelligence. He is good at using financial engineering technologies to allocate categories of assets effectively, by AI algorithms, arbitrage strategy based on varieties of commodity futures, quantitative stock selection strategy of as many as 20 + countries, neural network selection strategy, quantitative ETF portfolio strategy, etc., to realize intelligent documentary, automatic share adjustment, and intelligent asset allocation plan.

  • Tong W.

    Expert on Strategic and Business Cooperation

    Master of Waseda University, expert in strategic planning of the company, business management, and proficient in Chinese, Japanese and English. He had worked in Deloitte Japan, and some top-level internet company in Japan for many years. He focused on the TMT industry, and provided strategic consulting services and M&A supports for many Fortune 500 companies and internet companies. In addition, he has extensive experience on growth hacking and digital marketing.

    Huaying L.

    Expert in Business Marketing and PR

    Engaged in international communication between China and Japan on fields of financial, real estate, technology transfer, M&A and IPO, etc. She has rich experience in international business, and owns rich resources between government and enterprises in two countries. She serves as a Japanese think-tank consultant, is the core member of Blockchain Collaborative Consortium in Japan, Japanese Business Association, Japanese Translation Alliance, Chinese Automotive Engineer Association in Japan, and Chinese Engineer Association in Japan.

    Yoshiki Tsurumaki

    Lawyer in Financial Industry and Corporate Legal

    Lawyer of King & Wood Mallesons in Japan, proficient in Japanese & English, good at dealing with law affairs in the areas of a variety of financial investment, M&A, organization reconstruction, IPO, financial goods, financial products, and enterprise law. He has been a legal consultant in NTT Data, has rich experience in virtual currency, and has practical experience in the related fields.


  • Professor Jie Li

    Expert in Distributed Computing

    Professor of University of Tsukuba in Japan, he has long been engaged in researches on distributed systems, cloud computing, big data, internet of things, network security, operation systems, information system architectures, etc. He is chairman of the technical committee of IEEE and IEEE Communications Society, member of IEEE Big Data Technical Committee, general co-chair of IEEE Third International Workshop on Cloud Computing Systems, Networks, and Applications in 2015, and IEEE International Conference on Cloud Engineering (IC2E) in 2018. He is a senior member of IEEE, ACM, and member of Information Processing Society of Japan, etc. He has been editor of several top-level IEEE journals, and published more than 300 academic papers, 1 English and 1 Japanese academic monographs, and has edited 5 English academic monographs.

  • Professor Qun Jin

    Expert in Network Information Systems, Behavior and Cognitive Informatics

    Professor of Waseda University, Japan. Senior member of IEEE and IPSJ. He has been engaged extensively in research works on big data analytics and unified individual modeling, data quality assurance and sustainable use, intelligence computing and blockchain applications. He has been a PI or Co-PI for a number of scientific research projects and international joint projects. He authored or co-authored several monographs and more than 200 refereed papers published in the world-renowned academic journals and international conference proceedings including ACM and IEEE Transactions, among which a few were granted best paper awards. He served as a general chair, program chair, and keynote speaker for a number of IEEE sponsored international conferences. He also served as editor-in-chief, associate editor, editorial board member, and guest editor for top-ranked SCI journals.

  • Jianming W.

    AI Expert

    Ph.D of Waseda university, in Japan, research director of Japan KDDI research institute. He is good at algorithms of deep learning, machine learning, and other artificial intelligence, and has more than 10 years’ experience on R&D, and transfer of scientific achievements in natural language processing, data processing, image recognition, robot, etc. He has 35 core patents in Japan, 1 core patent in the United States, more than 20 related papers published, and many awards from the enterprise.

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